World’s First ISA/IEC 62443–4–2 Host Device Certified Industrial Computer Delivered to Market — Insights from Bureau Veritas and Moxa

2 min readApr 28, 2023
Moxa team has received the ISA/IEC 62443 SDLA and CSA certificates

全球首款獲得 ISA/IEC 62443–4–2 主機設備認證的工業電腦 — 聽聽來自 Bureau Veritas 和 Moxa 團隊的深度分享

As IT/OT convergence continues to advance, the need for enhanced network security, endpoint protection, strong reliability, and a long lifecycle becomes critical for the development of next-generation Industrial IoT (IIoT) systems that can effectively defend against cyberthreats.

In order to share our experience supporting IIoT manufacturers in building more secure products, Bureau Veritas will host an ISASecure webinar together with Moxa on May 3, 2023. During the webinar, component suppliers for IIoT systems who urge to seek the methodology for ensuring the overall security will benefit from this webinar.

In this webinar, participants will learn from Bureau Veritas, a global testing, inspection and certification leader and also a Cybersecurity testing and certification provider, and Moxa, a connectivity, industrial computing, and network infrastructure solution provider in enabling connectivity for the Industrial Internet of Things.

During the webinar, Bureau Veritas — who supported Moxa in achieving ISA/IEC 62443–4–2 Host Device Industrial Computer certification — will provide unique insights from our Cybersecurity technical team to support IIoT vendors, and suppliers understand more about Cybersecurity and the testing and certification involved.

Moxa will discuss the experience of implementing the ISA/IEC 62443 Security Development Lifecycle Assurance processes , and the benefits for vendors and manufacturers in selecting the ISASecure certification program. Moxa will also demonstrate the value of a CSA-certified programmable industrial computer, and the challenges faced when obtaining host device component certification.

Industry requirements are increasing around standards and cybersecurity capabilities. Asset owners and system integrators of critical infrastructure environments such as energy supply and delivery, water and waste water, oil and gas, railway, emergency services, and government facilities, need to work within their partners and component suppliers from hardware and software design all the way through the supply chain.

The webinar is free and open to all asset owner, system integrators, and industrial component manufacturers. Registration is now open on the ISASecure websites. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A session at the end of the presentation.

隨著 IT/OT 的深度融合,下一代工業物聯網(IIoT)系統的開發需要更強大的網路安全、終端保護、可靠性和長期生命周期,以有效防禦網路攻擊。 為了分享我們與 IIoT 製造商導入安全產品開發的相關經驗,Bureau Veritas 將與 Moxa 團隊一起於 2023 年 5 月 3 日與 ISASecure (工業自動化資訊安全產品驗證方案) 舉辦了網路研討會。 在此次網路研討會上,全球前三大的測試、驗證和認證集團 Bureau Veritas,以及工業網通、工業電腦和網路基礎設施解決方案提供商 Moxa 將和與會者們分享經驗。此次網路研討會的 IIoT 系統元件供應商將受益於 webinar 中確保產品整體安全的實務經驗分享。

在此次網路研討會上,Bureau Veritas 的資安技術團隊提供獨特的見解,以幫助 IIoT 供應商和供應商理解更多關於網路安全以及測試、認證方面的知識。Bureau Veritas 曾與 Moxa 合作取得主機設備工業電腦的 ISA/IEC 62443–4–2 認證(。

Moxa 團隊將討論實施 ISA/IEC 62443–4–1 產品安全開發流程 (SDLA) 的經驗,以及選擇ISASecure 認證計劃對供應商和製造商的好處。Moxa 還將展示經 CSA 認證的可編程工業電腦的價值,以及獲取主機設備組件認證時所面臨的挑戰。

產業內對於網路安全與資安能力的要求不斷增加,尤其各國對於關鍵基礎設施環境的資產擁有者和系統整合商的標準或法規更是會逐步落實,例如:智慧電網與能源、水和污水處理、石油和天然氣、鐵路與軌道交通、智慧醫療、政府設施等場域,皆需要與其合作夥伴以及硬軟體設計的元件供應商一起全面從供應鏈的資安環節進行合作。上述這些工業控制環境與場域都需要確保物聯網設備與 OT 控制系統的可靠性和安全性,因為任何安全漏洞都可能導致重大風險和損失!

該網路研討會將對工業物聯網產品製造商、系統整合商、服務供應商和資產擁有者的資訊安全提供實用的見解和建議。相關研討會錄影請見 ISASecure 網站 (

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